Success Stories

Providing outstanding consulting services to our clients is our primary goal. We have partnered with companies and organizations to identify and recruit the best talent. Building quality and lasting relationships is our mainstay. Here are some of the outstanding clients we have served over the years.

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Market Focus

Focused on your business

At R.J. Watkins & Company, we focus on your specific business needs. To satisfy and integrate your needs, our team members have specialized expertise in a variety of vertical markets.

Within each of these markets, we utilize a vast network of connections made through business and personal association. Our comprehensive database incorporates over twenty years of industry-specific research. Most importantly, we take the time to understand each client’s unique needs within their niche.


Telecommunications, computer hardware and software, and the Internet have exploded over the last decade. Although these systems change constantly, one thing is certain. Technology holds our future.

A talented and trained work force is critical to shaping the use of technology within entrepreneurial organizations. R.J. Watkins & Company provides this talent through our understanding of the technological evolution, connections to a wide variety of technology organizations, and our ability to identify the unique needs of technology companies.


Innovations in biotechnology and pharmaceutical development are helping people live longer and healthier lives. Bioscience companies require a highly specialized work force to meet these demands for innovation. R.J. Watkins & Company has significant expertise in this arena and pinpoints individuals who are ready to deliver.

Non-profit / Community

Non-profit organizations rely on leadership to direct their charter and separate them from other community groups. Executive leadership is key as these organizations often have volunteer staff and membership who have other day-to-day responsibilities. R.J. Watkins & Company pursues individuals who have succeeded in their charter or belief – these executives are true leaders who have proven their ability to inspire the community’s support and involvement.

General Business

The mainstay of our economy, these organizations cover the gamut from manufacturing to finance and banking. These businesses provide the necessary infrastructure for technology and bioscience. R.J. Watkins & Company stays connected to a wide variety of business areas, as they are critical to the growth of our economy as a whole.