Aggregating Resources

Three things are critical to a company’s success: innovative technology, capital resources, and leadership. Over the past twenty years, we have focused on introducing the best people to client organizations that need this critical human capital to succeed.

Entrepreneurship generates innovation and products for the marketplace. Without capital and people, these ideas do not have a foundation to evolve into something tangible and marketable. We coach companies as they build a winning leadership team to ensure they have a foundation for all three critical elements to flourish.

R.J. Watkins and Company strives to understand your needs and how important it is to bring together the three most critical resources for success.


Technology, and its continuous evolution, is the basic element for the creation of efficiency and productivity for today and the future.


Capital is the catalyst necessary to develop technology and ideas. Without capital, an idea will never have the chance to evolve and go to market.


People integrate technology and deploy capital to build companies. Without talented leadership a company is only as good as its weakest link. Excellent leadership is the foundation and the critical element for success.